Our Story

Our Story


If you’re here at the beginning, you probably already know what we’re up to, but maybe you don’t know the whole story.

RubyRide goes back to my training as an Architect, oddly enough. If you are a person who loves cities, and is fascinated by all the little quirks and details that make our cities exciting, vibrant places, or prevents them from achieving anything special, you might think that being an architect is a great career. I did! It turns out that as an architect, if you’re lucky (and I have been), you get to work on just a tiny piece of the canvas that makes up our cities. And on that canvas, even if you’ve got great clients, which we have, you’re pretty limited in what you can do. The biggest reason for that is the car. On most projects, by far the most complex and mind-numbing part of the design is solving the parking in a way that really works. In a way that doesn’t disconnect the building from the street or create more heat-island waste, or just look like trash.

And don’t get me wrong, I love cars. I love the freedom, the independence, and the romance. But I hate them, too. I hate the problems they bring. I hate the inefficiency. And I hate how they spread our cities out and make it harder to create vibrant, walkable, efficient, sustainable, beautiful places to live and put down roots and grow a family.

So on one hand I love cars, and on the other I hate parking. And that’s the rub. The average person spends about 40 minutes a day in their car, actually driving (or sitting in traffic, or looking for a place to park). The other 23 hours and 20 minutes, that car is parked and useless. In fact for every car in our city, there are 5 parking spaces – at least 4 of them empty at all times!


If you could drive to where you were going, get out, clap your hands and the car would disappear until you needed it again, I think cars would be a lot better.

And if you only had to pay for the part that you actually used, but have it any time you wanted it, that would be AMAZING.

And then, if you didn’t even have to drive the car while you were in it – you just got in, sat back and did your email, Facebook, and phone calls, OR just caught your breath for a minute, now THAT would be AWESOME!

But of course that’s just wishful thinking, right?


We shall see. That’s the challenge we’ve taken on. I hope you’ll give us a try.

Thank you!

Jeff Ericson